Event Info

Runner Info

Final Instructions

All runners registered in the adidas Silverstone Half Marathon receive a Final Instructions magazine in the post in late February. This magazine contains all the information you need to plan for Race Day.

A PDF of the Final Instructions is also available to download below.

Your running number

Don’t forget to pin your running number to the front of your T-shirt or running vest using the safety pins provided in your pack. Spare pins will be available at the Entry Enquiries Desk on Race Day.

You MUST NOT under any circumstances use someone else’s running number, nor let someone else use yours. Imagine the anxiety caused to either set of relatives and friends in the event of misidentification should there be a medical emergency. Please note that London Marathon Events Ltd, the organisers of the adidas Silverstone Half Marathon, reserves the right to disqualify runners who have swapped numbers.

IPICO Sports tag timing device

Your tag is enclosed with your Final Instructions magazine, which is sent out ahead of the race. You must fix it to your running shoes in accordance with the instructions provided. Use the wire twist ties enclosed with it. If you need additional instructions, or wire twist ties to fix the IPICO Sports Tag, these can be collected from the Entry Enquiries Desk on Race Day.

The IPICO Sports Tag contains a transponder that will provide your finishing time. If you do not wear your tag then the system will not record you finishing and we will not, therefore, be able to provide you with a finishing time. Official results will be based on the elapsed time taken by each runner between crossing the mats at the Start Line and the Finish Line.

When you cross the Finish Line, a marshal will remove the tag from your shoe – you do not need to do anything apart from follow the marshal’s instructions. Please do not fix the tag through your shoelaces or we might have to cut them to get the tag back.

Before leaving home

Make sure you have the following: running number and safety pins, IPICO Sports Tag and wire twist ties to fix it to your shoe (better still, put it on your shoe before you leave), kit bag and baggage label with your running number printed on it, and, finally, your Final Instructions magazine.

If you lose any of these items before Race Day they can be replaced – you should go to the Entry Enquiries Desk as soon as you arrive at Silverstone. There is a £10 charge to replace a lost IPICO Sports Tag, which you will need to pay on the day with cash, cheque or a credit card before a new timing tag is issued.

Deciding not to run

Please don’t run if you have had any sort of virus or fever in the four weeks leading up to the race. It is equally foolish to run with an injury – please DO NOT run in these circumstances.

If you decide not to run for any reason, you must return your IPICO Sports Tag to the race organisers. Please use the Freepost envelope enclosed with your Final Instructions magazine to return it. It is a condition of the event that all tags that are not returned within 21 days of the event are subject to a £10 lost-tag charge.

On Race Day

Do not bring pets

Please note that there are STRICTLY NO PETS allowed at the Silverstone site.

The course

The course features plenty of twists and turns but you don’t need to worry about these as the route will be well marked with barriers and there will be course marshals to direct you. You must follow the directions of the course marshals at all times.

You can download the 2017 adidas Silverstone Half Marathon Course Map below.

The start assembly area

Signage and a PA system will direct you around this area. There are toilets, changing facilities (but no showers), kit bag drop-off, an adidas retail area and catering concessions.

If you have lost your IPICO Sports Tag, or need any information or help, you should go to the Entry Enquiries Desk.

The start

The race will start at Copse Corner on the F1 circuit at 12:00. Once you have deposited your kit bag, make your way to the start area. Pace signs will indicate where you should line up. Please allow space for the faster runners at the front and be realistic about where you line up – if you start too fast, you are likely to suffer later in the race. Find the sign that corresponds to your intended pace and line up there.

Charity Village

The Charity Village will be located in Scrutineering. Before you tackle 13.1 miles on the historic Silverstone Circuit, make sure you head to the Charity Village to catch up with representatives from a wide variety of charities and grab the opportunity to meet other runners who have signed up to take part in the half marathon – they’re sure to inspire your charity fundraising efforts.

You’ll be able to support your charity, share your training tales with fellow runners and settle any pre-race nerves in a friendly, supportive environment.

Your belongings

Before heading to the start area, place your belongings in the enclosed kit bag. Ensure the baggage label with your running number printed on it is fixed firmly to the bag. Pull the drawstring and tie it to prevent items falling out.

The Pit Lane garages will be used for kit bag drop-off and retrieval. Each garage will have a range of numbers corresponding to running numbers, which will be clearly signposted. For example, if your running number is 3456, you should hand in your bag at the garage with the number range 2351-4500.

Staff in the baggage area will only accept the official race kit bag with the label attached; no other bags will be accepted.

Once you have deposited your kit bag, you will not be able to retrieve your belongings until after the finish. Therefore, please ensure that you have all you require for your run BEFORE you hand in your kit bag.

Many runners wear either old clothes or a bin liner to keep warm before the start. If you discard these items when you start running, please do so carefully so as not to hinder the runners behind you. Remember: bin liners are slippery when wet.

Pace yourself with Runner's World

Runner’s World pacers will be leading five pace groups around the race. This is a free service and you don’t need to sign up in advance, just meet the pacers in the Paddock (Start Assembly Area) or later in the start area according to your target pace (look for the big Runner’s World pacing boards).

The Runner’s World pace groups will range from 6:52-minute miles (for a sub-1:30 finish) to 11:22-minute miles (for a sub-2:30 finish). Visit runnersworld.co.uk/pacing for more information.

The whole half marathon route is traffic-free. You will run the first three miles on the F1 circuit then make a loop, which incorporates the Club and International circuits and the outer service road, before finishing with a final two-and-a-half mile lap of the F1 circuit in the reverse direction.

Distance markers and time clocks

Each mile will be clearly marked and will feature a clock so you can check your time as you pass.

Drink Stations

Drinks Stations will be located on the course at the following points:

Buxton Natural Mineral Water will be available at miles 2.5, 7.5 and 10.5 (in 250ml plastic bottles with sports caps).

Lucozade Sport will be available at miles 5 and 9.5 (in 330ml bottles with sports caps).

Please ensure that you discard your bottles to the side of the course and not on the road in front of you where they may be hazardous to runners behind you. 

First aid

First Aid support will be available – if you need assistance the St John Ambulance points are located adjacent to the Drinks Stations. A full medical team will also be on site for any serious injuries.


Toilet trailers and fixed toilet blocks will be located in the assembly area at the start and finish. There will also be toilets on the course at mile 3 and fixed toilet blocks at regular intervals between miles 7 and 10.


A number of musical acts will be located around the Silverstone racetrack to provide entertainment for participants and spectators. These musical attractions will be at the Copse, Brooklands, Stowe and Abbey sections of the route. There will be plenty of musical motivation to keep you going.

Slow runners

All runners who finish inside three and a half hours will receive an official IPICO Sports Tag time. Those slower than three and a half hours should be aware that course facilities, including marshals and Drinks Stations, will start to be removed. We will endeavour to ensure that everyone receives a finish time.

The finish

As you cross the Finish Line, your IPICO Sports Tag timing device will record your finish time. Our marshals will direct you to the special ramps where your tag will be removed from your shoe.

You will then collect a Finisher’s Bag, which will contain Buxton Natural Mineral Water, Lucozade Sport, a medal and an adidas Silverstone Half Marathon Finisher’s T-shirt.

Your T-shirt will be available in the size you requested when you registered for the race. The Finisher T-shirt you selected will be included in your Finisher’s Bag, which you will receive once you cross the Finish Line.

When you approach the Finisher’s Bag distribution area, you will see signage for the different T-shirt sizes (XS, S, M, L and XL). PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU TAKE THE SIZE OF T-SHIRT THAT YOU PRE-SELECTED WHEN YOU REGISTERED FOR THE RACE.

You should aim to retrieve your kit bag as soon as possible from the same numbered garage where you left it. The marshals will hand your bag back to you.

Please move towards the changing area before beginning to get changed; do not clog up the baggage retrieval area.